natural horse care

For hours of relaxation – with no insects to bother you!

£ 44.90

Bye bye Sweet Itch!

£ 85.90


A natural composition combining moisturiser and hair tonic!

£ 24.90

The perfect two-in-one hoof care product!

£ 21.90

Healthy hooves thanks to natural rock powder!

£ 21.90

Everything you need to keep your horse's hooves healthy!

£ 62.70

 Gentle cleansing with a cooling effect!

£ 18.90


Gentle cleansing with a soft lavender fragrance!

£ 18.90

 Radiant white and gentle cleansing!

£ 18.90


For clean horse riding textiles with a good conscience!

£ 18.90

Wellness for your horse!

£ 34.90

natural dog care

Healthy skin is the foundation for a shiny and strong dog fur!

£ 22.90

Gentle cleansing with milde soaps made from natural plant oil!

£ 16.90

Protects and nourishes stressed dog paws all season!

£ 35.90

Horse Care made in Austria

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A-5020 Salzburg

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