Lavender Shampoo

Gentle cleansing with a soft lavender fragrance

  • features natural lavender oil
  • gentle on the skin
  • nurturing
Lavender Shampoo
Lavender Shampoo



CXEVALO Lavender Shampoo cleans and cares for your horse's coat, mane and tail without dehydrating his or her sensitive skin. It gives your horse's coat a supple, glossy appearance. You'll start noticing the typical lavender characteristics as soon as you use the shampoo. Thanks to the use of mild, surface-active agents, your horse's hair is easier to comb once dry.



  • mild, herbal soaps (coconut-based soaps)
  •  pH value adapted to horse skin
  •  natural lavender oil


- easy to wash off

- subtle fragrance


  • moisten your horse's coat, mane, tail or whichever part you're shampooing
  • mix the shampoo with some water and work into a thick lather using your hands or a bowl
  • massage evenly into the parts of your horse's body you want to wash – you may need a sponge or a washing glove
  • carefully rinse off shampoo

IMPORTANT: the amount of foam the shampoo makes depends on how dirty your horse is. If your horse is quite dirty, simply shampoo him or her again




‘The first impression I had of the products (Cooling Shampoo and Lavender Shampoo) was outstanding. Clausi is now shining like a diamond. My experience with the products so far has been phenomenal. I've never been disappointed with any of the CXEVALO products before.’

Sophie reporting on the CXEVALO shampoos on her blog


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