Horse Textile Detergent

For clean horse riding textiles with a good conscience

Horse Textile Detergent

  • with olive oil-based soaps
  • free of palm oil and petroleu
  • for clean, residue-free horse riding textiles


  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days

Best washing results for any textile that comes into contact with your horse, including numnahs, pads, rugs, bandages and more. Also perfect for riding breeches, polo shirts, equestrian blouses and so on. Based on olive oil, sage and sea salt. Made with soaps from European raw materials. The mild, but powerful all-in-one detergent can be washed out residue-free and is particularly suitable for sensitive horse skin. Free from palm oil, dyes and artificial perfume oils.





Please observe the general warning advice for detergents. Also take note of the care instructions and recommended washing temperature provided with your textiles.

Recommended amount per washing machine load (4.5 kg capacity):


Water hardness: soft*, medium**, hard***

lightly soiled: 40ml*,  50ml**, 70ml***

relatively soiled: 50ml*, 60ml**, 80ml***

heavily soiled: 70ml*,  80ml**, 110ml***

Horse Care made in Austria

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