Hoof Balm

The perfect two-in-one hoof care product

  • elastic and well-maintained hooves
  • glossy without being sticky
  • protection against dehydration
Hoof Balm
Hoof Balm



Thanks to a special oil-in-water formula, the CXEVALO Hoof Balm moisturises the hoof while providing simultaneous, natural protection against drying out. There's no need to wet the hoof before applying the product.

Using this product regularly helps keep the hoof smooth and free of cracks. The hoof and its coronary band are kept in perfect condition with just one product.


  • hydrophase for moisture
  • olive oil provides natural protection against repeated dehydration and, at the same time, excessive softening of the hoof in wet conditions
  • vitamin E protects against harmful environmental influences and assists the coronary band in keeping the hoof strong


  • Clean dirt off the hoof.
  • Rub the balm into the coronary band area in small circular movements.
  • Then apply the balm to all of the hoof.
  • If needed, polish with a cloth.

Note: there's no need to wet the hoof before applying the product.



‘I began to like the Hoof Balm right after applying, and that's even before I read that you could also polish the hoof after letting it sit for a short while. So I tried doing that with a cloth afterwards and was delighted. The hooves of my horse were super soft and shone radiantly. I definitely know what I'm going to put on my horse's hooves at the next photo shoot.’ 

Krümel on Facebook: ‘Beauty – mein kleiner Gremlin’ (Beauty – My Little Gremlin)


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