"Can I use this for my dog too?" We heard this question again and again from our enthusiastic CXEVALO horse care customers. However, dogs have their own needs and demands and for that we developed CANELO - the natural range of care for our faithful friends on four paws.

Healthy skin is the foundation for a shiny and strong dog fur!

£ 22.90

Gentle cleansing with milde soaps made from natural plant oil!

£ 16.90

Protects and nourishes stressed dog paws all season!

£ 35.90

FLY AIR - Source of Inspiration

At the age of 12 weeks I was adopted from the Stelzhammer´s. From the first day on it was obvious to me and my nose that I am surrounded with just good things. And I am not just talking about the culinary stuff, no, but also about skin, coat and paw care. I realized very quick that my role as the tester of new products is very essential and makes me to the most important team member at CANELO. And what shall I say, I take my job very seriously. Paw-promise.


Horse Care made in Austria

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