CXEVALO® founder and product developer Marie-Christine talks about how she got the idea of creating a completely new horse care range:

‘My colleagues and I came around to the idea of developing the CXEVALO® series as we were enjoying apple cake and Irish beer one evening after work. With me being a chemist and a passionate horse rider, we realised that developing a horse care series would be exactly the thing for me. And so it was written, so it was done.


My New Forest gelding, Merlin – the source of my inspiration – suffers from heavy eczema during the summer. The demands I put on myself was challenging, and after conversations with friends and equestrian colleagues it was confirmed: the products ought to be natural, not contain any damaging chemicals, be gentle on the horse's skin, mild, nourishing, moisturising... a seemingly never-ending list.


After unspeakable hours of experimentation, I soon found success – the finished formulae were mixed together and tried out immediately on my own horse. What do I say? After lavish care with these new products, my pony Merlin neighed with satisfaction. That same neigh also acted as the starting signal for production of the first CXEVALO product series, for which we can accurately claim: ‘Developed by horse riders, made for horses.’


Our product range will be continually expanded and further developed with constant new ideas over the coming years.


CXEVALO Gründerin und Produktentwicklerin Marie-Christine mit ihrem Merlin
CXEVALO Gründerin und Produktentwicklerin Marie-Christine mit ihrem Merlin

Horse Care made in Austria

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